Is Renting Your Old Home a Smart Move?

After finding and making an offer on a new home, you still have one challenge left. You must sell your old home. For some people, luck is on their side and they can sell their old home before they close on the new home. Others are not as fortunate. If you are rapidly approaching closing day on your new home and your old home has not sold yet, here is what you need to know. [Read More]

3 Tips For Staging Your Bathroom Before Showing Your House

When preparing to sell your home, you are probably busy getting your house to show to potential buyers. While you are tidying and staging your living room and kitchen, may sure you pay some attention to your bathrooms to improve your home's appearance and salability. Below are three tips for staging your bathroom before showing your house. Clear Away Your Family's Personal Care Items The first thing you should do when preparing your bathrooms for a showing is to clear away all of your family's personal care items from view. [Read More]

6 Mistakes to Avoid the First Time You Shop for a Mortgage Loan

Buying your first home is going to have a significant effect on your financial future. You need to get the best possible deal on a mortgage loan to set yourself on the right track and reach your full financial potential. The following are five mistakes that it's important to avoid to get the mortgage loan that's best for your situation: 1. Not first researching the market and understanding current interest rates. [Read More]

Odd Real Estate For Sale? Ideas On How To Make It Useful

Most real estate for sale is what you would expect it to be-- either residential or commercial. However, there are some odd properties out there that many assume can only be used for their original purpose. This is simply not so. If you spot these odd pieces of real estate, do not pass them up. Instead, look at them for the opportunities that they are, and consider these helpful ideas on how to make them useful again. [Read More]