Buying A Home In A "Comeback" Neighborhood? Look For These Qualities

If you're house-hunting on a limited budget, one good strategy is to look for homes in "comeback" neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods that have not been so well off economically over the past few years but are starting to do better, with real estate values beginning to creep back up and average income on the rise. If you decide to house-hunt in a "comeback" neighborhood, make sure the house you choose has these qualities. [Read More]

What Is Underneath Your Home? A Guide To Understanding Mineral Rights

Mineral rights are a type of ownership to the minerals and commodities that lie beneath your property. This entitles a party to come in and extract the oil, coal, stone, or other matter from your land, based on the terms of an agreement. This may be a cash sale paid to the land owner, or it may include royalty payments from the proceeds of the extracted commodities; of course, the land owner also has the option of contracting with a mining company without selling the rights to their property, too. [Read More]