5 Questions You Must Ask Prior To Involving Yourself With A Group Of Real Estate Investors

When multiple people put their money, ideas and good intentions together, there can be an massively positive outcome. With new investment groups forming around various cities and regions, those interested in changing their lives for the better have been quite enthusiastic about pooling resources in an effort to buy the biggest properties with the biggest potential for a sizable return on their investments. But before you pledge to invest your nest egg, you should be asking these five imperative questions so that you always come out on top. [Read More]

Open Plan Or Office Warren? Choosing Your Commercial Space

If you're starting a new company and need to find office space, you will find that most places are divided between those with mostly offices and those with mostly open space. While you can divide open space by installing cubicles, even those are relatively open, and the difference between working in a fully enclosed office and a cubicle/open desk environment can be stark. Take a look at how you really want your employees to work before you make your decision. [Read More]

3 Things To Evaluate If Buying A Home With An HOA

Buying a house for first time home buyers can be overwhelming, especially if you are buying a house with a homeowner's association (HOA). An HOA is something that controls the community where the home is located, and it requires paying monthly dues. If you are looking for a home that is part of an HOA, you should look into the following things before making an offer on the home. The Cost Of The Monthly Fees [Read More]

Three Considerations For Exotic Pet Owners When Buying A New Condo

So you're in the market for purchasing your new dream condo. You have worked out all the details and financing plans, and you're confident you'll be delighted with your new condominium. Perhaps there is one detail you've relegated to the back burner: the mention of your extended "family," namely your exotic pet. Whether this includes a slithering boa constrictor, a furry chinchilla or a majestic macaw with an earsplitting scream, you will need to abide by the condo association's rules and the municipality's regulations. [Read More]