Is Your Home's Listing Price Keeping It From Selling?

When you place your home on the market, you hope that it quickly sells. The reality is that some homes sit on the market for months and longer. At some point, you have to re-evaluate your home and the asking price and determine whether or not it should be lowered. If you are thinking of lowering your home's asking price, here is what you need to know. What Does It Mean When Your Home Does Not Sell? [Read More]

Want A House With Minimal Square Footage? 3 Places To Look For Clever Storage

Going shopping for a house of enormous square footage is an easy way to give yourself all the room that you could want or need to store the possessions that you have and what you acquire in the future. But these homes cost more money to maintain because there is more wiring, piping, and flooring. Cooling down or heating up a large home will typically cost more when you compare it to smaller homes. [Read More]

Searching For Your Next Home: Looking For Future Repairs And Working The Costs Into Your Budget

When you are looking for real estate for sale, knowing what how much you can spend is essential. Once you work out your budget and get prequalified for a mortgage, you will be able to look at homes in your price range. While the selling price of the home is one factor to consider, you also have to take a careful look at a number of bigger home repairs that will likely be necessary. [Read More]

Purchasing A Beach House As A Rental Property? Consider These 2 Things

Looking for a summer home that is close to the beach but want to rent the place out when you are not using it? Using a beach property for rental income is a smart way to make money on a temporary summer retreat. If you have a property in a high demand area, it's possible to make enough money on the property to completely pay for all your expenses. It could potentially make your summer vacation spot completely free for you to stay in. [Read More]