Want To Buy A Second Home As An Investment? 3 Features That Will Increase Your Chance Of Success

After buying a starter home, you may know that you are going to end up selling the home in the future. Then, when you save up enough money and buy your forever home, you may be satisfied. But, if you want to start delving into investments, you can purchase another property to turn into a full-time rental. Picking up just any home that fits into your budget is something you will want to avoid. [Read More]

How To Make Your First Home A Good Investment

Purchasing a home is a big step! This is especially true for those who are looking to buy property for the first time. First-time home buyers make up 32% of all home buyers, and the median age of these buyers is 31 years old. Since first-time home buyers tend to be younger than repeat buyers, they may be concerned that they do not have the knowledge to make a good investment the first time around. [Read More]

3 Tips For Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

Whether you're buying or selling a home, choosing a real estate agent that is right for you is a major part of the process. If you're a first-time buyer, no doubt you'll want to be armed with knowledge going into the purchasing process and avoid getting the short end of the stick. And if you're a seller, you'll want to be certain that you'll get top dollar for your home. So keep reading below to discover three tips that will help you choose the best realtor available. [Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About A Landlord's Duty To Repair

According to most local and state laws, the landlord is responsible for keeping the rental property safe. Housing or local building codes have standards set specifically to include minimum requirements including proper electrical wiring, security, ventilation, and lighting. Some locations require smoke detectors in the rental properties. Acceptable Repairs Even though the tenant is responsible for keeping the property and home's living area clean, it is up to the rental agent or landlord to keep the property in good livable condition. [Read More]